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Dometic is a global company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, offering solutions for mobile living – in the areas of climate, hygiene & sanitation and food & beverage – for use in recreational vehicles, boats and trucks. Some 6500 employees operate 22 assembly sites, and sell products in over 100 countries. In 2016, the turnover was SEK 12.4 billion.


Dometic Group was set for transformation. With a diverse portfolio of products sold under more than 15 different product brands, the challenge was to find common ground and clarify the group´s total offering. The aim was to unite the group and the majority of the products under one master brand – Dometic. And to position that brand clearly in preparation for public listing.

Our insights unveiled that the one brand strategy required a clear direction and an engaging and inspiring story, making investors, customers and employees realise the true potential of Dometic. We also identified the need to shift focus, from being a product oriented supplier to become a global consumer- and solutions oriented brand. And not least, we identified the possibility to position the brand cleverly – a gap in a market no one even heard of.


We discovered and named the completely new market ”Mobile living”. Dometic claimed the new territory and became instant market leaders. And with a new brand platform, we outlined the direction forward, built around the brand promise ”Mobile Living Made Easy”. The new visual identity emphasized the shift to a global consumer- and solutions oriented brand.

In a close partnership with our client, we re-branded a majority of all global brand touch-points, including consolidation of more than 60 websites into one – all new – global website. We also developed a new global packaging concept, where all packaging communicated ‘Mobile Living Made Easy’ – a quick and cost-efficient way to put the brand promise to market. Furthermore, we created a more effective collateral concept, point of sales material, a global communication concept and a social media strategy to help spread the new brand’s story.


To succeed with the brand transition it was of highest importance to create enthusiasm among employees, customers and retailers around the world. Before launching the new brand externally, we spent more than 1,5 years in close collaboration with Dometic creating internal training, preparations and activation tools. The brand change was presented to employees, VIP-customers and retailers, at large events in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. Several internal activation tools were used, including brand films and presentations, brand training, brand portals, presentations to VIP customers and dealers etc. In november 2016, the new brand was launched externally. The reception has been magnificent – from partners, investors and, most important, customers and employees.

We developed a brand that gave us a common mission for the whole company. A mission that clearly sets out the direction of our future development and offering to the market. The changes we carried out were extensive. We are now a more modern and inspiring company. The feedback, both internally and externally, has been unanimously positive.

— Peter Kjellberg, CMO Dometic

Following the initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm, Dometic was one of the most traded stocks.

What we did

  • Activation plan
  • Activation tools
  • Brand activation
  • Brand platform
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Digital strategy
  • Insight platform
  • Packaging design