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Celebrating the only reason to leave home in January

Even in darkest winter, with the snow belting down, it thaws our hearts with thrills, romance and whimsy. The annual Göteborg Film Festival is balm to the frozen souls of art film lovers. Happy F&B helped out with both branding and visual identity.


Visitors to the film festival in Göteborg get to feast on films that rarely, if ever, reach mainstream cinema. The need for an overarching strategy – and a unifying visual identity – has grown alongside a thriving festival that just keeps evolving.

500 films from 89 countries.


The festival icon, a dragon, was given sharper features. In a short vignette, the dragon makes a cameo appearance in clips from this year’s crop of films. A 3-D version was created for the festival prize itself, ”The Dragon Award,” while the kids got their very own baby dragon. The 45°-angle is a recurring theme throughout – in graphic elements, typesetting and image cropping.


Having created templates and guidelines, covering all things visual from typography and iconography to colour and patterns, we fashioned an identity big enough for the festival to grow into.

130,000 tickets sold in 2015 – to over 30,000 visitors.

Much more than films. The festival also hosts seminars, workshops and many other film-related activities.

What we did

  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform