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Sending children’s food into space

The children's food category was developed to help parents provide their kids with tasty, wholesome, nutritious food. So it’s only appropriate that the leading contemporary brand story in this space is one of love and devotion. The founders are parents who just want the best for their children.


What is intriguing about Plant Planet is that their story was born of a radical insight: carbon emissions keep rising and the single most significant way to reduce our impact on the planet is by avoiding meat and dairy. Some 63% of parents would like to feed their children plant-based foods and beverages. The fact that the products need to be natural, nutritious, tasty and accessible opens up a commercial opportunity – based on hygiene.

Green Planet Astronauts is an environmental knowledge and advocacy company using plant-based food for children as a way to achieve long-term change by encouraging sustainable lifestyle habits early in life.

A tribe for our young,
planetary guardians.


In our grand adventure, the one that involves saving the planet, the children get to be heroes. We provide the resources – great food and good guidance. And naturally, we encourage the kids to join our mission! Fittingly, we named it Green Planet Astronauts – to bring it all together and create a tribe for our young, planetary guardians. The idea of “space food for pioneers” is used as the basis for both brand engagement and a unique expression. Food, nutrition, science, and sustainability – communicated in a way that whets the appetite of children and parents alike.

What would serve as the ideal starting point for a squeeze pouch packaging for young explorers? We lifted our gaze, to NASA, for visual cues. And then adopted the look and feel of an actual space traveler’s environment – including the food astronauts bring with them into space. By combining a visual universe with fun, child-friendly graphics, we managed to carve out a niche in a crowded marketplace.

The GIF loop is a familiar gimmick to most consumers. We didn’t hold back – making lots and lots of fun stickers – which are available through Giphy and compatible with all social media platforms.


Launched in October 2019 in Finland at the biggest retailers, Kesko and SOK.

Inspired by food
for space travelers.

What we did

  • Activation tools
  • Brand platform
  • Design applications
  • Design concept
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Insight platform
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design
  • Pre-study