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Every idea starts with a brick

Since its modest beginnings in Denmark in the 1930s, Lego has captured the imagination of millions of builders across the world. Last year alone, the company produced some 340 million mini-figures. If you put them next to each other in a line, it would stretch all the way from London to Beijing.


The tiny building blocks haven’t lost their appeal, as witnessed by the daily stream of fresh ideas from thousands of enthusiastic users. This has given rise to Lego Ideas, a community where you can upload your own ideas or vote for a particular favourite. If an idea amasses 10,000 ‘likes,’ it is put before Lego’s design and marketing team. And with the Review Board’s stamp of approval, it won’t be long before it ends up on the shelf as a brand new product.


Happy F&B’s concept ”Every idea starts with a brick” shows that even the mightiest oak tree was once an acorn. The visual identity – including a symbol for the community and product line as well as a four-step iconography of the process – is in keeping with the theme.


Throughout the process, Happy F&B provided Lego with guidance and support. In fact, since the launch, we have seen numerous ideas become brand new Lego products.

Over 5,000 ideas has been submitted so far.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform