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Beauty lies in the balance

In 1967, two Swedish brothers and their friend started a different kind of beauty company. True to its native roots, Oriflame’s perception of beauty moves beyond mere looks into the realm of self-knowledge and harmonious living. Today, Oriflame is active on some 60 markets, with a community of over 3 million independent partners who share and promote its products.


Mind & Mood is a series of products designed for a new category: emotional well-being. The magic formula is essential oils – to help you explore and ultimately rediscover the gift of living in the moment.

Our job? To create a new brand identity and packaging that finds the sweet spot between science and feelings.

Symmetry reinforces the pursuit of balance.


In Sweden, a sense of equilibrium is virtually imprinted at birth. It even comes with its own special word – ‘lagom’ – which means ‘not too much, not too little, but just right.’ The design concept is all about striking an emotional balance. Mind & Mood, one reflecting the other. If you feel good emotionally, it affects your mood, and vice versa.

This inspired the symbol – two Ms mirroring each other. Clear, crisp typography, augmented by white labels and brown bottles, bring the science into focus. And to capture that most elusive of qualities, emotion, we employed subtle shades of colour. 

The names in the series reflect a rich and varied range of emotional needs: Energise Me, Empower Me, Balance Me, Relax Me.  


The final design was created jointly with Oriflame’s in-house agency.

What we did

  • Design concept
  • Design platform
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design