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Denmark’s favourite O

As Denmark's largest telecommunications and energy group, Norlys plays a key role in the drive to make the country’s energy supply more green and renewable in the coming years – while also providing Danes with internet access and television entertainment.


Norlys tasked us with the job of quickly creating a brand with wide-ranging appeal following the merger of SE and Eniig, two regional Danish energy groups. The new company is all about simplifying digital life, providing a portal for energy, internet and television as well as ready access to a range of community services.

The new company is all about simplifying digital life.


The logo reflects a closing of the gap between people and society. The O in Norlys can be seen as a connection, as well as an opening to fresh opportunities. The brackets fashioning the O denote both an embrace and a point of focus.

Digital has become an integral part of Danish infrastructure. However, Norlys shouldn’t be seen as a hi-tech giant, but a seamless complement to people’s lives. This sentiment is expressed with the aid of “human-centric” font and friendly, hand-fashioned illustrations.


Launched in 2020, the new brand has provided a common ground for 2,700 employees. The activation process has generated both enthusiasm and pride internally. Slightly more than a year after its initial launch, the new brand boasted an aided awareness of 59 percent.

The new brand boasted an aided awareness of 59%.

What we did

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand platform
  • Brand transition strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design platform