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Mobility for all

Permobil enjoys an enviable reputation within powered mobility and seating. Founded in Timrå, Sweden, in 1967, the company was the brainchild of inventor Per Uddén. His vision – to enhance the user’s quality of life with the aid of customised solutions – remains the heart of the business.


Permobil has expanded its presence to over 70 countries worldwide. In addition to the electric-powered wheelchair that has become synonymous with the brand, the company offers an array of products, many of them under different brands. To avoid confusion and the risk of brand erosion, Permobil thought it was time to clarify its role in the marketplace. In parallel, the company has embarked on a journey of transformation, moving from engineering specialists in the rehab sector to a global healthcare company.

Our brief was to help position Permobil as a brand that truly understands the needs of its audience – by addressing the stigma of disability and providing customized solutions.

Permobil founder Per Uddén was highly motivated to find workable solutions to the problems he encountered as a practising physician.


Every member of this giant family we call humanity is unique. By highlighting our differences as human beings, a broader picture emerges of what it means to live with a disability – allowing us to break the social stigma and create a more inclusive community.

Compassion, a company cornerstone, is reflected in the new brand platform, including the vision statement Innovating for individuals. After all, since people are unique, the products should be too.

With Permobil’s heritage and reputation firmly in mind, we modified the classic logo with a light touch – to boost clarity and ease of use, not least in digital channels. We also created a visual toolkit, including a rich palette of supporting colours, updated typography and imagery that evokes Permobil’s human values.


The new brand strategy has already yielded tangible results. Permobil has unified its disparate brands under one brand with a single promise: “Innovating for Individuals.” The update was launched across all markets during 2021.

Permobil has unified its disparate brands under one brand.

What we did

  • Brand platform
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design concept
  • Design platform
  • Insight platform