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From side dish to main course

Ridderheims Delikatesser began its journey to our dinner tables in 1987. The aim was to whet the appetite of Swedish foodies with a novel combination of flavours. 30 years later, they’re still teasing our taste buds – in delis across Scandinavia and Finland.

A return to Ridderheims’ pioneering ways.


The years had taken a toll on the brand. What was once a guarantor of exciting new flavours had been relegated to a side dish for special occasions.


The new brand platform signalled a fresh start – and a return to Ridderheims’ pioneering ways. It has to be easy to find the ingredients you need to cook tasty dishes from all over the world. The task of the visual identity was two-fold – to guide and inspire. The logo went from discreet to a powerful beacon for the new look. Freshness, always a hallmark of Ridderheims, is now reflected by the crispest shade of green. Each item is assigned its own packaging, uniquely illustrated and reflecting product origins and flavours. What’s more, the label brings it all to life through simple pie charts and explanatory copy.

The visual identity guide and inspire.


Ridderheims is once again creating a stir – on store shelves and in our kitchens – thanks to premium products, fresh packaging and brand clarity. Not to mention a visual identity that reflects the brand’s position at the head of the table.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design platform
  • Insight platform
  • Packaging design

Amigos, devils and angels

The spicy sausage segment needed its own concept. To whet the appetites of novelty-seeking consumers, each sausage had its own name. The script on the packaging, communicates the product’s character. And with an eye to building a strong brand in the deli, the rest of the snacks fall under the same design umbrella.