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The power of Pitera

SK-II is a global skincare brand, headquartered in Japan. Facial 
Treatment Essence – often referred to as “miracle water” – is the brand’s 
signature and best-selling product. Every now and then, it’s 
offered in a limited edition, with a fresh concept and novel bottle design.


The iconic Facial Treatment Essence owes its skin-rejuvenating powers to Pitera, 
a naturally-derived liquid from a yeast fermentation process. Quite by accident, scientists noticed how elderly workers at a sake factory had extraordinarily smooth hands for their age. After lengthy trial and error, they eventually isolated the active ingredient responsible for the phenomenon – Pitera. This limited edition celebrates the brand’s star ingredient.

A limited edition celebrating SK-II’s star ingredient.


The confetti design is an artistic take on the power of Pitera, its explosive power so strong it can barely be contained. The red confetti 
bottle – with its vibrant and colourful patterns – will perk you up even on the bleakest morning. And the pastel teal design is 
for those who love all things light and bright.


The concept was launched during spring 2019, online and in a pop-up smart store, equipped with AI-driven skin measurement devices and a robotic beauty consultant. Additionally, there was a selfie booth where visitors could film a short video, enhanced with special effects showing them surrounded by confetti.

An artistic take on the power of Pitera.

What we did

  • Design concept
  • Packaging design