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A soft breeze on the skin

SKIR is a range of carefully selected skin care products, each one uniquely designed to soften, soothe and smooth over life’s rough edges. SKIR’s ingredients are chosen with utmost care.


This is a product range that caters to those yearning for a little luxury, but reluctant to spend a fortune on skin- and haircare. The products, made in Sweden, contain handpicked ingredients that leave your skin vibrant and lustrous.

Designed to soften, soothe and smooth over life’s rough edges.


SKIR is a name that reflects all things transient, and a need for tender loving care. In keeping with this, the visual identity is easy on the eye – while the design, a model of restraint, uses a light colour palette. The packaging is uniform, yet sufficiently differentiated to make each category easy to distinguish.


Launched in September 2017, and available at Åhléns.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design platform
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design