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A forward-leaning identity for Swedish Television

SVT (Swedish Television) is an independent public service media corporation. Its job is to inspire, entertain and enrich – by making us a little more curious and much better informed.

SVT celebrates 60 years in the public eye – by looking ahead.


SVT is there for each and every one of us, on our terms. But to meet the challenges of tomorrow – and the fickle demands of a world in flux – SVT needs to become even more accessible. Better communication is one way. The old logo (a star-shaped flower) was somewhat obtuse and cumbersome, not least in digital environments. Happy F&B was assigned the task of tying up all the loose ends and bringing SVT together under a single visual umbrella.

The slash communicates and navigates.


The new visual identity unites all platforms and formats, while giving each one room to express itself. The slash, an eye-catching element within the logo, serves a number of purposes. Its chief objective is to eliminate the need for sub-brands, but it also lends itself to fresh visual expression and novel ways to communicate. When animated, the logo opens and closes like a curtain.

The slash creates textures and patterns in countless variations.


As SVT is a broad-based and multi-faceted operation, the strategy was to roll out the new identity piecemeal. The logo was unveiled first, with the rest of the concept gradually applied to ever-more touchpoints. As sounding board and strategic partner to SVT, our assignment covers everything from social media guidelines to broadcast graphics and news output.

What we did

  • Activation plan
  • Activation tools
  • Brand activation
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Digital strategy
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Pre-study

Watching TV in someone else’s living room

Idents provide a brief pause in the programming. The concept for SVT1 – which we dubbed “Hela Sverige” (All of Sweden) – is one that can be varied endlessly. Short clips from homes across the country convey a sense of belonging, courtesy of public service, while at the same time introducing us to the owners themselves – our fellow Swedes. These idents, which juxtapose the sound and buzz of television with home life, were produced in collaboration with director Daniel Griffel.

Daniel Griffel and team somewhere in Sweden.

Making Drama more dramatic

When it comes to drama, SVT enjoys an impressive track record. To bring the brand into greater focus – and provide an engaging backdrop for the different shows – we created a genre-specific title sequence that’s easy to apply. The result? Clearer SVT ownership and a generous, unapologetic platform for our most thrilling productions.

Look, kids!

Mass communication with children is tricky – especially when many of them can’t yet read. So when SVT, Swedish Television, asked us to design tools to help them reach out to kids, it was a challenge we embraced with relish.

SVT Barn (the kid’s channel) will have the same basic identity tools as the rest of the organisation, but adapted for a young audience. The signature forward slash, for example, is more playful and dynamic than the standard design.

We created a number of simple, expressive characters where the focus is on eyes and watching – which triggers emotions and stimulates curiosity. And that’s ultimately what public service is all about, regardless of whether you’re three or ninety-three.

What we did

  • Activation tools
  • Design applications
  • Design concept
  • Design implementation

A moving experience

Inspired by the energy of athletic competition, we identified three motion patterns that can be seen in all sports, Explosive, Stop, Kinetic. All three direct the flow of SVT Sport across every platform – from digital to broadcast to animation and photography.

This solution encompasses every conceivable sport from ice-hockey to horseback riding, creating a framework that’s easy to recognize and infuse with new content. Three different idents have been designed so far; Ice-hockey, winter sport and general sport.

These genre-specific title sequences are unique to SVT Sport while the slash symbol dovetails seamlessly with SVT’s brand strategy.

Three motion patterns that can be seen in all sports.

What we did

  • Activation tools
  • Design applications
  • Design concept
  • Design implementation

Every vote counts

Public service is a major player whenever there’s a general election in Sweden. SVT is a widely cited and highly respected source. The 2018 election provided an opportunity to celebrate public service, while paying homage to democracy itself. And voters are at the heart of it. Whether you’re in the public eye or not, your vote counts.

Politician or painter – each vote counts the same