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A bank for the people

Recent years have seen enormous change, not only in banking but also in society as a whole. Customer perceptions of banks and how and what they should offer are shifting rapidly. Since 1820 Swedbank has worked for the people with a strong focus on local savings policy. With some 8 million customers, it is now one of the largest banks in Sweden and the Baltics.


These days, banking is a fairly impersonal business. Most people handle their affairs – by themselves – via computers and smartphones. Digital interfaces have become the key touchpoints for banks and their customers and visual communication more important than ever. New competitors are also emerging; many customers see smaller digital banking services as more progressive and user-friendly than traditional banks.

A generous and flexible identity that allows varied expression.


With a large and diverse target group, Swedbank prides itself on providing something for everyone. So we created a generous and flexible identity that allows varied expression with a warm and welcoming tone of voice – but always with a clear and guiding purpose. We updated almost every aspect of the brand identity – a new additional typeface, graphical elements, broader colour palette, image style and new graphical elements – to better reflect who Swedbank is and be able to express it anywhere along the customer journey.

A warm and welcoming tonality with visual tools to be clear and guiding


The updated visual identity was launched during 2016 in Sweden and the Baltics. The work since has focused on implementing the updates, developing further guidelines and getting all markets aligned while working to clarify the digital customer experience. Swedbank is a bank for the many people, a bank that shows the way – now they have a design platform to deliver on their promises.

We balance the users expectations of a specific platform with the Swedbank brand experience.

What we did

  • Activation plan
  • Activation tools
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Naming and nomenclature